The Equedia Weekly Letter

It's Already Here
Posted by: The Equedia Weekly Letter
Date: 01.30.11
Sectors: Commodities and Resource
Trading in this market should be reserved for sophisticated day traders who not only have a large piggy bank, but a wealth of time on their hands. Most of us don't fit in that category. Most of us have day jobs. That's why we prefer to invest, rather than trade. Sound confusing? Let us explain.

Actions Speak Louder...
Posted by: The Equedia Weekly Letter
Date: 01.23.11
Sectors: Commodities and Resource
It's understandable that investors are cautious. Mining and resource stocks have continued to back off and the overall TSX and TSX Venture exchanges have been dropping.

Does that mean we should run? Does that mean it's time to liquidate?

Special Report...
Posted by: The Equedia Weekly Letter
Date: 01.16.11
Sectors: Gold
That's why we're introducing you to a company that not only has ownership in a "carlin-style" gold deposit in China, 16 Chinese gold properties covering more than 1000 square kilometers, but is also finalizing the details in becoming one of the few foreign-listed gold producers in China.

In addition, the Company has a strong interest in a silver developer that is expected to...

Beyond Comprehension
Posted by: The Equedia Weekly Letter
Date: 01.09.11
Sectors: Stock Exchanges
We're finally back after a very short holiday. Surprisingly, we couldn't be happier. This week, we're going to talk about what you need to watch out for in the coming months and also give you an idea of what a trillion dollars really looks won't believe it until you see it. So read on...